Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Forgotten August

I have forgotten August
So deep into the bone-ache
Of winter I have travelled
So long without your warm breath
Upon my neck.
But someone
Someone with the scent of gardenias
And a hint of smoke in her eyes
Sent me hurtling into summer
Once again
And again I saw you
Rising from the sea
White foam caressing
Your every move
Salt almost upon my tongue
Your footprints
Sinking into the sand
Before disappearing
With the evening tide.

I had forgotten August
When clouds like anvils
Hung above the foothills
Their rumbles resonating
Into the depths of me
Their bellows blowing
A rain-scented wind
You called relief
From the breathless ecstasy
Of summer madness
As we took refuge
In each other’s eyes.

I had forgotten August
But never you.


  1. I had never forgotten August and your poem sent it jarringly back out of my unconscious into my waking dreams.... Remembering a summer girl, swimming in the Pacific one hot August afternoon, salt tasteon her skin that warm evening in the hills looking down on a million lights, the smoky tast in her mouth.... Your poem brings it all back, " the breathless ecstasy of summer madness....

  2. from Michelle Angelini: Nice poem with great references to Aphrodite and the anvil clouds that are precursors to fairly severe thunderstorms. Both tie in very well to the broken heart the poet feels from missing the loved one.

  3. I like this one best Great poetic images. Reminds me of the Brooks poem - "When You Have Forgotten Sunday". I like the sentiment.

  4. from Mary Torregrossa @ 8:54am > Oh -such a poem of yearning and sadness. It seems disrespectful to say "I love this sad poem." It is a successful poem in that the emotional punch is shared by the reader.