Thursday, May 26, 2011

Karen Audioun Klingman

Shades of Purple

you sit in dappled sunshine

under a jacaranda tree

savoring a summer plum

dressed in white linen

sprayed with lavendar sprigs

scent of royal roses nearby

i envy your youth

a bit outspoken

assurance clinging to naivety

you are beyond beautiful

so unaware of single moments

yet to bruise


  1. this is lovely. The fruit, white linen, dappled sunlight and deep thoughts,
    pictures an idyllic summer day.

  2. Very strong images and I like how you tied it all together too.

  3. Good use of language, especially the nouns and verbs!

  4. I like the way this one starts with quiet, clean imagery then shifts to the shadow side of all that prettiness, and, finally turns to the darkness that lies waiting in journeying on.

  5. from Michelle Angelini: This is my favorite poem so far, not only for what's said, but for the unspoken emotion between age's experience and youth's unknown future. It's also great for the symbolic images of summer and (unspoken) winter between youth and old age.

  6. from Mary Torregrossa: An impressionistic poem that creates an impressionist painting in my mind!