Thursday, May 26, 2011

Christopher Luke Trevilla


Dawn’s rising,
the herald of the Golden Sun
emblazoned visions of daybreak’s passing
Youth reveling in fields, along the shore, up in the heights
down into the lowest valleys

Songs fill the air with the concert
of young restlessness
constant wanderlust and homesickness
syncopated into an endless rhythm-
ecstatic- to and fro- euphorically
like newborn spiders in the wind

Bodies moving together as One
the hungry, greedy, erotic appetite of touch
insatiable in its seeking,
unsatisfied in its enjoyment
the chase better than the catch
She says hello, maybe, and NO
wrapped in the summer sweaty sun
skin like sunbeams kissed by ocean air
hair like vines of finest silk entrap your senses
your own bronzed armored hide
paired with a set of evil eyes
lay exposed in sunlight
your ruddy locks all aflow
chaotic erotic neurotic
As all you hear is Yes and Now
Struggle of Venus and Mars

Thus and more unfolds each Solstice
to and for euphorically
like storm scuttled-jettisoned gems in a vast endless sea

For this is the very hour of
our Youth’s Awakening
the sunrise of our perpetual decline ever after
this is the Solstice
of our only summertime


  1. "Like newborn spiders in the wind" very nice image and quite original!

  2. from Michelle Angelini: Nice poem about the freedom of the summer months. One of the best lines that describes the theme of the poem is, "like newborn spiders in the wind."

  3. from Mary Torregrossa: A magical oration of "restlessness." This poem is itself a wanderlust with a gem of wisdom at the end.