Saturday, May 28, 2011

Patrick Thomas Jeffries

Shining Summer Sun

Oiling skin
Bronzing tan
Sizzling summer sun
Blocking radiation 45 SPF

Waving gospel fans
Soothing sultry heat

Biting fresh fruit flesh
Relishing ice cold crispy melon juicy

Cooking it up Pops
Flipping porterhouse steak
Sipping cold cola

Playing carnival music
Cruising ice cream truck
Rushing to buy
Devouring popsicles
Running amok

Eyeing a cutie
Grooving her shapely thighs
Loving the look in her eyes
Becoming the
Flashing rays
Slicing across
Blazing baby blue skies
Heating Romance
Rising then
Falling and
Pulsing the realest love which is its own
Beginning and end
Reveling in the scent, sweet sweat sensuality
Embracing every
Exciting chance
Feeling the music on the beach
Dancing to the beat
Curling toes warmed by sand-
Retaining heat
Cooling breeze blows
Quickening day goes
Passing with joy fast
Coming nights
Expanding and
Making the spirit last
Glowing moonlight
Walking the streets
Smelling the fragrance
Enjoying the fullness of time
Enrapturing intimacy in every and all
Celebrating Nature’s gold
Favoring the bold
Finding the intelligence in risk and reward
Traveling day-dreams
Living real dreams
Vacationing on the road
Renting summer houses
Driving with rag tops down
Glistening in summer’s Fountain of Youth
Listening to Forever Young

Shining summer sun—


  1. You've got some nice alliteration going there!

  2. Great alliteration...Makes me want to put my flip flops on, Summer Lovin' here we come!

  3. from Mary Torregrossa: Love the lingo! Gospel fans and pops at the grill! I'd like to see the sensual lines contained more in a middle section - like a little afternoon delight in the poem that seems to cover from sunrise to moonlight.

  4. from Michelle Angelini: Great memories of summer's past and present. Sure can relate to much of this.