Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tim Tipton

I Love The Sea

I love the sea
I like to pinpoint the exact moment
when the air changes and I can

taste the salt on my lips and I am
almost out there on the high seas

I listen for it whispering to me

I want to be a fish
Live in the swirling blue-green currents,
do extraordinary underwater dances,
be kissed by deep red, purple, and pink anemones,
caressed by surging liquid waves
and become something deep and far,
Soothing, dark and bright,
and have merry eyes and a thick sleek
flesh of a god

I see myself running down the shore
into the waves so bad that my mouth stings
and my body tingled.

I love the sea.


  1. Nicely written- love this poem!

  2. from Mary Torregrossa: Ah - the poet's universal desire to catch the moment when the "air changes." I see the line
    "listen for it whispering to me" as the poetic muse whispering inspiration to the poet.

  3. from Michelle Angelini: I like this poem.

  4. from Michelle Angelini: I think this is another one of my favorites since it reminds me of how I felt in my younger days. In the first stanza - oh yes, do I remember this. I think I spent much of my youth under water, maybe not at that point wanting to be a fish, but the sensory nature of that S4 reaches out to anyone who feels this way.