Friday, May 20, 2011

Don Kingfisher Campbell

Dog Months

Time to take a volleyball

August is the best,
those long days

After all, why does a lifeguard
wear a swimsuit

Grill them steaks,
warm that chair

Sprinklers on the lawn,
sun visor on your head

Play badminton to the smell
of insect spray

First party of the summer
better be by June

Miniature golf is easier
than surfing, isn’t it

Loud as thunderstorms,
lawnmowers roll on

Flowers leap open
as if to scuba dive in blue air

A pool is the accessory
for tanning in the sun

Sunbathe yourself to match
the watermelon you'll eat

Fishing in the fall,
but for now, windsurfing season

Except for the wetsuit
getting full of sand

Mosquito buzz
around croquet mallets

The real question is, campfire
or picnic

Hot dogs
and lemonade

Nothing like road trip

Boating is especially splendid
with iced tea

Never forget to let your throat
ride the high tide of soda pop

1 comment:

  1. from Mary Torregrossa: Ok Don - your poem is a winner. "Sunbathe yourself to match the watermelon you eat!" hahahahaha! The whole thing is great. I'd like to see it 1 or 2 stanzas shorter. But you never listen to me. But listen - take it off the internet and get it published somewhere. It's very good. When did you write it? Recently?