Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sean Raymond Hill

(500) Days of...You.

Just you.

Nothing at all
but everything
that is
within you.

You are the architect
of my seasons
the hot living air
lovingly around me
the breath behind

You are a rower
of my dreams
the cause of my screams
at your atmosphere
the appreciation
of your laughs
at my kareoke
inside of you.


Like a puma.

You are like an entire
chinese family
in my kitchen.

You are a vagiant
of my heart.

You are a new chapter
in my life,
but I'd love for you to be longer
'till the end of my book

You would definitely be Sid
and I'd be Nancy,
I'd be nicknamed "Perfectly Adequate"
and your nickname
"Anal Girl"
because you are neat...and...organized

you and I,
we aren't a love story...
but we could be a story about love

Maybe this already happened
maybe we have kissed
by the fax machine
where our minds made copies
of the other and dance with strangers
in the streets of our hearts
and animated birds land on our shoulders
we sing songs
we never knew the words to
until now
are all over the place
but sometimes not
in the place we'd like to be...
like in an elevator with you...
like a park bench with me...

or just

You are penis
yelled out loud with children around.

You are rules
that you make and break lovely

You are the sum of woman
the sum of "her"
that only some
have fully seen...

But I wish
you to be
as well.


  1. This is the sort of poem I wish I could write if I were drunk and blindingly honest and more open minded. Bravo!

  2. The beams of summer love never seem to linger long enough, but reminiscing about what was or wasn't seems to always lighten things up like that lemonade, like the sound of children playing in the streets, like fireflies that sweep through. Great homage to a movie about a moment, a person, a season that is always better when summed up in retrospect.

  3. from Michelle Angelini: An incredible love poem that resonates with sensory images. In this poem, I'm also learning some new words, like vagiant. The poem flows so nicely creating the emotions that are not only about love, but other things surrounding it.

  4. Very well done. I appreciate this poem immensly

  5. I liked how you combined the visuals of the film into metaphors.


  6. This one is my favorite!

  7. The "sum" of "her"...I love it. Great work!

  8. This pays poetic homage to young love. Blunt and intense, yet cool.

  9. from Mary Torregrossa @ 8:54am > I read this as a "stream-of-consciousness poem." Sometimes it is "all over the place." It's humor and joy takes surprising twists throughout. Very playful in theme and in language. I especially like the line, "you are like an entire chinese family in my kitchen." The word "entire" makes the image over-the-top amusing!

  10. Thanks you guys! SO DEEP! So FUNNY! I'd love to read any of your poetry some day! =D Thanks for stopping by! =)

  11. you're an awesome writer. A philosophical mind of mystery, filled with intricate, extravagant, extroverted views of life, love, luxury, comedy and realness. It is more than a privilege to call you friend and even more of an honor to witness such artistic genius.

    ~Danyol Jaye

  12. No one does it like you do Mr Hill..... no one

  13. Sean,

    Where did you get that incredible mind and heart? The poem is lovely, touching, heart breaking and just plain wonderful.

  14. You always use the most beautiful and interesting imagery.