Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bernie Carrasco

This Summer Poem

This Summer Poem
Is just a memory,
A recollection, an amalgam,
Of what Summer ought to be.

Like fireworks blooming
Across a charcoal sky,
Or midday sun
Sucking the soil bone dry.

A cherry-lemon snow cone
Melting on white hot cement,
Or afternoon jasmine bathing us
In an alluring scent.

Like water sprayed from a
Thumb pressed garden hose,
Soaking our innocence
In refracted rainbows.

And at dusk,
When the weary sun yawns, then quietly subsides,
The stars and the moon awake,
Exciting moths that circle and collide.

With the certitude of baseball
And mom's apple pie,
We must ask, "Is Nostalgia our whore
Or fundamental ally?"

This poem may be unreliable,
Or a means to an end,
But if imagination is neglected,
Can Summer truly begin?


  1. from Mary Torregrossa: I like the way the poet managed to get "hot cement' and "alluring scent" in the same stanza! The rhymes are good; not tense or contrived. Certainly summery. I like this poem because it is carefully crafted.

  2. from Michelle Angelini: I like the way this poem comes straight out with its images. There is little emotion in the stanzas and lines, but that is supplied by the poet's visuals. Many of the images create memories of past summers in my life. I think what I like best about this poem is that it ends with a question we all might ask ourselves in analogy and reflection. Good poem!